EXEL Industries will pay an exceptional €1,000 solidarity bonus

On the initiative of the members of the Ballu family who are EXEL Industries shareholders and its Board of Directors, EXEL Industries will pay an exceptional solidarity bonus to its employees lowest paid as a measure to improve their spending power.

Following on from the French President’s speech, this €1,000 bonus will be for all French employees earning less than €27,000 gross annually. French employees receiving annual compensation of between €27,000 and €36,000 gross will be awarded a bonus with a degressive amount to a minimum floor of €100.

In France, 60% of EXEL Industries’ employees will be concerned by this measure.

As an international family Group, and considering that solidarity goes beyond national borders, EXEL Industries will extend this bonus principle to its international employees in accordance with local rules.

In France as abroad, it will be paid as soon as the French law is voted allowing French employees to receive this bonus exempt from tax and social contributions.

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