Garden spraying and watering

With its HOZELOCK, BERTHOUD, TECNOMA, LASER ET COOPER PEGLER brands, the EXEL Industries group off ers innovative and high-quality watering and plant protection solutions to gardeners and professionals alike.

The activity: A dynamic market

Accelerating urbanization means that consumers increasingly consider their garden, terrace or balcony as another separate living area, a place where they can also enjoy their hobby, or even their passion, of gardening.

The growing number of older people in employment, combined with returning consumer confi dence, has resulted in increased expenditure on gardening products throughout

Europe, particularly in the areas of watering and cleaning.


EXEL Industries group has a threepronged strategy for Garden spraying and watering: strengthening our brand portfolio, winning new markets, and improving internal processes.

Our ability to innovate allows us to strengthen our leading position with respect to professionals and “general public” consumers, particularly by offering differentiated premium brands.

While all of the brands are available internationally, the growth strategy is focused as a priority on European markets. An optimized approach to quality enables the Garden spraying and watering business to increase not only customer satisfaction but also improve its profi tability.

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