Dynamic Dose PLUS

While StrictSprayPlus ensures you can spray the same amount of liquid everywhere, DynamicDosePlus makes sure you can give every plant precisely what it needs! No more decisions to make about what is best for all plants, but instead focusing on spraying the plant individually, while perfectly adjusting to each individual plant.

Soil composition, height profile, crop rotation, historical operations, etc. – no field is equal or homogenous. The local microclimate also creates differences. Disregarding these differences leads to a higher, less efficient use of inputs, while the yields lag behind the potential.

It is not that farmers do not know that there are differences, or that they are not aware of the special care each plant should receive. In the past, however, increasingly larger machines have only provided more capacity, however, at the expense of the possibility to work site-specifically.

DynamicDosePlus makes it possible to adjust the dosage per plant with the help of the new Brilliant Simple technology, as part of what we at Agrifac call: NEED Farming. DynamicDosePlus does not only make it easier to use prescription maps, but DynamicDosePlus is also the first system that executes prescription maps at a plant level*.

By using a prescription map, the machine takes care of the spraying quality, of getting the right amount at the right place. This ensures that the driver is able to spend less time on this and focus more on operation and crop scouting. Spraying, therefore, will be more effective and efficient.

Taking care on the plant level. Every drop hits the right spot

*Depending on nozzle distance, minimum dimensions 25x25cm.

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