SPRAY-LINER: Leader in crop care


There are some basic facts to keep in mind: spraying supplies fertilizers to nourish plants and phytosanitary products to fight diseases, insects and weeds in a way that maintains high yields and better profitability for farms. Spraying is necessary, including in organic farming and for biological control products for which the quality of the spraying is crucial.

EXEL Industries has long studied this matter, and it advocates the philosophy “the right dose, at the right time, in the right place.” The Group wishes to go a step further by making itself the herald of the “new spraying.”

Successive technological innovations are greatly improving accuracy and quality during product application and are vastly reducing doses by 30% to 90% over time: antidrift, adjustment of flow in relation to speed and on the
spray boom on turns, in the field based on the GPS route, based on unsprayed buffer zones, and targeting with the nozzle the areas to spray through visual recognition of the presence of weeds that need to be destroyed.


PDF to download: EXEL Industries_SPRAY-LINER_GB_VF

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