Working together to beat leukemia

HOLMER is donating to the German Stem Cell Donor File – and 43 employees have registered as donors

It is our custom at HOLMER to collect donations for a good cause at the Christmas party. In 2017, the proceeds of the Christmas raffle went to the German Stem Cell Donor File. But our colleagues from Eggmühl weren’t satisfied with a donation: forty-three HOLMER employees signed up to be donors.

Every year, more than 11,000 people in Germany alone suffer from leukaemia or other malignant diseases of the blood-producing system. For these patients, the only hope is often a blood stem cell or bone marrow transplant. Finding the right donor can be difficult – today, no donor can be found for every tenth patient.

HOLMER is helping twice over in this regard: The more people register in the donor database, the more likely it is that a suitable donor can be found for all patients. And the classification of donors costs money.

On 29 January 2018, the company’s donation was handed over to the German Stem Cell Donor File of the Red Cross in Eggmühl. The donor classification was carried out directly afterwards: a little saliva was taken from the mouth of potential donors using a cotton swab – and that was it. The cotton swab was then sent to a lab, where the tissue characteristics are classified. Given that a classification costs approx. €50, the revenue of the Christmas raffle wasn’t enough to pay for the action – the company management therefore topped up the amount without further ado.

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