Hardi gets involved to help refugees

In December 2017, HARDI was contacted by a language school working
on a welding training project with three municipal authorities in our
region and a professional training school.

This project was destined for refugees living in these cities with professional experience in their countries of origin. The project included five weeks at school to learn Danish, take safety courses and receive welding training, four weeks as a trainee in a company, four weeks back at school to learn more Danish and receive certificates in welding. HARDI was asked if we would be a part of the project and have a refugee as a trainee for four weeks.

During the four weeks of work, HARDI appointed a mentor to support the refugee in his daily work and to help with the Danish language and culture.
Jimmy Christensen, a welder from the welding department, was appointed as mentor for Ahmad Taha, a Syrian refugee in the project. Ahmad started his four weeks of training on 19 February 2018 and completed the training on 18 March 2018 to go back to school. Ahmad is a very skilled welder and gets along well with the other employees at HARDI.

So after Ahmad had finished his training and studies, HARDI offered him a job as welder to fill a vacant position. On April 16, 2018, Ahmad started work as an ordinary HARDI employee as a welder on the evening shift.

A magnificent example of integration

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