Agricultural spraying

Backed by our portfolio of brands, HARDI, EVRARD, BERTHOUD, TECNOMA, CARUELLE, NICOLAS, SEGUIP, THOMAS, MATROT, CMC, AGRIFAC and APACHE, EXEL Industries is one of the worldwide leaders in agricultural spraying equipment. EXEL Industries has a wide range of sprayers designed to protect and to improve agricultural productivity, whether it is for small or large-scale crops, cereal crops, vines, market gardening, fruit trees or tropical crops.


The business

Agricultural spraying consists of protecting and improving crop yield.
Optimizing the use of phytosanitary products requires increasingly precise and efficient application to accurately target protection of the plant and prevent any dispersion of sprayed products. From its central involvement in the world’s food issues and as one of the leaders in agricultural spraying solutions, EXEL Industries has a major role to play:
• thanks to the performance of existing equipment and to the development of new sprayers, EXEL Industries group companies contribute and will continue to contribute to boosting agricultural output by improving the quality of crops, while reducing the environmental impact;
• at EXEL Industries, we are continuously innovating to provide industry with the most up-to-date spraying technologies in line with new practices and new environmental measures. Our sprayers deliver more effi ciency to spray the right dose in the right place at the right time.


Each company is responsible for its own brand, which is marketed through independent networks of approved distributors who handle the sales and after-sales service of our sprayers. This strategy allows the Group to ensure a presence in all of the world’s major agricultural regions (Europe, CIS, the Americas, Asia and Australia), where agricultural productivity is at high levels.
EXEL Industries’ potential for growth lies in increasing its market shares in regions where the Group already operates, developing new products, and exploring geographical regions where yields are not yet at European levels but that have signifi cant land reserves.

The Group’s development on all continents also enables it to limit the risks of regional climatic variations on its businesses.

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