Our challenges

Contributing to meeting the great challenges of our time

The environment in which EXEL Industries operates is marked by three megatrends that guide its decisions and structure its activity

The climate challenge

The acceleration of climate change, against a background of global warming, is disrupting not only our lifestyles but also natural ecosystems. It results in an increase in extreme weather events, a gradual loss of biodiversity and an overexploitation of resources.

  • A CSR policy aligned with the Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • A strategy to reduce the Group’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • R&D that meets the environmental objectives of our user customers
  • Regular launch of products that minimize the carbon footprint of our customers (reducing the weight of machines, reducing energy consumption, innovative solutions in paint application)
  • Launch of 3S precision spraying which preserves ecosystems by reducing the use of inputs
  • Controlling water and energy consumption over time within the Group
  • Development of practices based on the circular economy, through the recycling of waste and the reconditioning of machines

The food challenge

Against a backdrop of depleted resources and soil erosion, one of the major challenges of the century will be to meet the food needs of a population that is steadily and continuously growing. This involves eradicating hunger, addressing food insecurity and meeting the nutritional needs of all in a sustainable and equitable manner

  • Ability to meet the challenges of our customers who must maintain high yields to feed the population, meet the requirements of a healthy diet, optimize the management of natural resources and comply with new regulatory standards as part of the carbon neutrality objective
  • Ownership of a complete range of products that protect and improve agricultural productivity
  • Improved spraying precision with the use of new technologies, such as precision 3S spraying, which detects the plants to be treated and reduces the doses of phytosanitary products applied by 30 to 80%
  • Mechanical weeding solutions via the Traxx vineyard robot
  • Use of ATC (Alternative to Chemicals) products to replace the use of chemicals in the garden

The societal challenge

In a world marked by globalization, citizens aspire to a more balanced, more peaceful, more sober and more secure society. The concerns of citizens relate to the need to protect the environment, to have a better life balance and to maintain a way of life made up of human ties and relationships.

  • An absolute respect for rurality where our sites have always been present
  • A deep commitment to learning
  • Regular discussions with farmers (cereal growers, tree growers, winegrowers, market gardeners) to understand their changing needs
  • Developing partnerships to recruit apprentices and help young people integrate (production schools)
  • Regular marketing of products that contribute to the pleasure of living
  • Creation of a Leisure division
  • An employer brand focusing on continuous training and increasing employability
  • Market launch of the Traxx vineyard robot, which contributes to improving the safety and working conditions of winegrowers
  • A proactive safety policy to reduce the number of workplace accidents