Industrial spraying

A major player in its markets for more than 90 years.
We have consistently been a driving force for industrial change. Our innovations focus on value-added technologies in bonding, protection of materials and finishing.

The business

The EXEL Industries Group provides its customers with solutions for spraying paints and varnishes and for applying adhesives and sealants through Sames Kremlin. Technological innovation is a core feature of our pump, hose and manual, automatic and automated dispenser product offering.

It enables even more accurate and efficient spraying, which is synonymous with productivity gains, environmental protection and operator health.

Our equipment can be integrated into the production lines of the world’s leading manufacturers of cars, aircraft, household appliances, furniture and other goods. Our manual products are mainly used by SMEs and tradespeople.


Our professional customers are looking for suppliers who understand their business and help them improve operating efficiency while ensuring respect for the environment.

So, our strategy is focused on three areas:

  • a twofold approach: applied understanding of our customers’ business using our systems services and, at the heart of our strategy, the design and marketing of innovative standard equipment;
  • heavy investment in R&D, with dozens of international patents filed each year, leading to the launch of numerous new products every year. By way of example, half of our product catalog will be renewed within a three-year period;
  • expert teams, reinforced by our partner dealers and integrators, to provide our customers with a local service, responsiveness, advice and training.

Our teams and partners are proud to offer our customers around the world their applied expertise, resulting innovations and local presence to improve their competitiveness and offer them a unique customer experience.

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Learn more about our product families

Sames offers the broadest and most comprehensive range of pumps and equipment for protecting materials and applying paint, powders, adhesives, varnishes, etc.

Product ranges
Combined airless and pneumatic spraying, thus enabling high flows and application performance with a high-quality finish.
High-pressure atomized product spraying using a calibrated nozzle, which allows high flow rates and good performance but a relatively coarse finish.
Pneumatic effect product spraying, enabling the best quality finishes. 
Pneumatic or rotating bell spraying (centrifugal atomization over a fine rim) of droplets of electrically charged product, which enables an excellent quality finish with a high-performance coating.
Spraying of electrically charged powder particles in a controlled flow of air or by rotating bell, which enables an excellent quality finish with a high-performance coating.
High-viscosity products are pumped, sometimes heated, then extruded or sprayed under high pressure so as to form a web of various shapes and sizes, or a uniform coating of material on a substrate.

The automotive industry requires high-quality products and solutions and continuous improvement of processes. The current trend is towards greater vehicle customization through increased attention to detail on both the inside and outside of the car body.
Wood finishing (dyes, fillers, varnishes, etc.) provide the desired look and protection. These layers must be consummately applied to the wooden surface to avoid problems such as stains, halo effects, stripping, orange peel and bubbling.


Paint application via printing: with PRiNTEC™.

Sames makes unlimited customization available to industry.
Sames develops PRiNTEC™, a range of products and services based on patented printhead technology for the application of paints, adhesives and sealants. It opens up unlimited possibilities for customization thanks to the high-speed printing of horizontal or vertical strips, patterns, checkerboards, etc., on 2D or 3D surfaces. PRiNTEC™ targets the automotive, rail, aerospace, furniture, ceramics and other markets. It enables its customers to make productivity gains while making a significant contribution to preserving the environment. The commercial launch of PRiNTEC is scheduled for 2022; 2021 will be devoted to achieving series production and gaining product approval.

Our brands

  • For almost a century, Sames has provided services and equipment for the application of liquid and powder paints, adhesives and sealants to bond, protect and beautify all types of surfaces.
    Sames design, produce and market complete solutions – manual guns, automatic and robotic applicators, dosers, pumps and dosing machines…
    Sames offer solutions at the cutting edge of technological innovation, serving industrial efficiency for the most challenging customers, and environmentally friendly.
    In addition to delivering products, Sames services include the audit of its customers’ installations and consulting, training, repair and programming assistance of their robotic installations. More than a supplier, Sames is a partner in the performance of its customers.


Agricultural spraying

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Technical hoses

Garden watering and spraying