Technical Hoses

A leading French supplier boasting over 65 years of expertise, Tricoflex develops and manufactures flexible technical hoses (knitted, covered, etc.) from the best raw materials guaranteeing a high level of quality.

The business

As a major player on the European market, Tricoflex designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of flexible thermoplastic hoses for all types of applications.


Tricoflex focuses on designing flexible technical hoses through material research and a strong product development team. Backed by years of experience, Tricoflex deploys its range of technical hoses in various markets and positions its brand through technical trading and integrators.
Tricoflex aims to develop innovative high pressure hoses, creating opportunities for new markets.

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Learn more about our product families

Tricoflex has extensive know-how allowing it to master the production of six ranges of high-performance products:

Product ranges
Spiral hoses for suction and expulsion of liquids, powders and granules
Covered hoses for technical applications up to 100 bar operating pressure
Knitted hoses for professional and domestic watering
Unreinforced tubes for transferring non-pressurized fluids and for tires
Braided hoses for high pressure and hydrocuring
PU and PVC ducts for air and smoke ventilation and evacuation, suction and expulsion of powders and granules
Medical gas hoses
Hoses for equipping production lines
Garden hoses
Hoses for industrial cleaning in the food industry
Fire extinguisher and first aid truck hoses


Hydrocuring: conquering a new market

The development of Ujet – our new hydrocuring hose – allows Tricoflex to enter the high-pressure market while bringing an innovation. This product, fully thought out with and for the user, gets positive feedback from use thanks to its lightness and flexibility.


Our brands

  • Based in the heart of the Champagne region, the Tricoflex story began in the 1950s. After that, the company underwent a number of changes before joining the EXEL Industries Group in 2012.
    Tricoflex has never ceased to develop since its inception, spawning many innovations in the field of garden hoses, technical hoses, and now, high-pressure hoses.
    Committed to an eco-responsible strategy, Tricoflex designs recyclable hoses and regenerates over 2,500 tonnes of PVC every year.


Agricultural spraying

Sugar beet harvesting

Industrial spraying

Garden watering and spraying