Our commitments

A group that values people

Each Group company proactively develops its own HR practices and environmental and social initiatives. As one of the Group’s core values, ‘Acting Responsibly’ is the foundation of its corporate, social and environmental initiatives.

A family group which is focused on human values, EXEL Industries has based its CSR policy on firm commitments to its employees.

Its commitments take the form of action plans in the areas of apprenticeships, training, absenteeism, workplace accidents and diversity. The Group operates internationally, with over 57% of its headcount outside France.

Diversity of origin and background, gender equality, skills development and internal promotion are core features of the Group HR policy.

All Group companies are encouraged to introduce innovative measures to guarantee improvements in workplace well-being and a sense of enjoyment in working and taking the plunge together.

Responsible innovation

EXEL Industries offers its customers a wide range of solutions for reducing their environmental impact: As the spray-liner, EXEL Industries develops high-precision spraying systems designed to apply the right dose in the right place at the right time. The aim is to allow farmers to maintain their yield while reducing consumption of plant protection products and, therefore, cutting costs.

Training and safety

Human capital is a key asset for EXEL Industries. To attract tomorrow’s talent, the Group strives to maintain a work environment conducive to skills development and collective efficiency, particularly through training and apprenticeships. Employee safety is a major concern for EXEL Industries. Group Executive Management is committed to ensuring that the highest standards of safety are applied.

Our vision

  • service client


    The customer is our top priority. Satisfying customers means exceeding their expectations and the Group’s initial objectives.

  • amour du produit


    Passion for the product also generates passion for the work and there is no limit to the extent we can change our products to make them more efficient, more competitive and better suited to the real needs of our customers! But innovation is not just about the product: innovation applies to digital technology, customer relations…. basically, to everything!

  • excellence


    A core value for the Group which even gave it its name: EXEL. Improving down to the smallest detail, giving the best of ourselves, in all areas and on a daily basis, this is the definition of excellence and professionalism and this is what brings us all together!

  • confiance


    Initiative is a driving force for progress and success. To encourage its employees to grow, to develop and to pull its companies upwards, EXEL Industries promotes confidence and initiative: the ability to trust and take the initiative, two strong values of EXEL Industries illustrated by numerous examples.

  • franchise


    Being frank with colleagues and superiors. Telling the truth, whether easy or difficult to tell. These are strong values that our Group upholds and which must be reflected in our daily work and professional relationships.

  • esprit d'equipe


    Lasting success is always a team effort. Working hand in hand, helping each other, empowering each other, relying on each other in pursuit of a common goal: this is what we strive for in our daily work. Team spirit can be expressed both inside and outside the workplace and can help us all to succeed in both our professional and our personal lives.

  • fierte


    Always with, never against. Each employee is an ambassador for our Group, both within and on the outside.

  • responsable


    I am committed to working for a better and cleaner environment, to continuously reducing the use of resources and to improving safety and well-being in my working environment.

Our initiatives

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