Ethics Charter

Message from the chief executive officer

The EXEL Industries Ethics Charter embodies the values of the Group’s employees and its family shareholders. It is the frame of reference for everyone, covering all our various businesses, whatever the country concerned. It defines the values and expectations relating to the conduct of our business and proposes guidelines and attitudes to be adopted in the context of at-risk situations with which we may be confronted.

The Chief Executive Officer of EXEL Industries requires that all Group employees comply with the Charter and actively participate in the promotion of these principles in each of the Group’s companies as well as with our suppliers and partners. It is by sharing and promoting strong values that the sustainability and success of our Group can be strengthened. Each individual is asked to take the time to read this Charter and should implement it strictly.

The CEO of EXEL Industries would like to thank you for your commitment and hopes that this document will prove useful to us all.


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