1946 – Vincent BALLU invented the high-clearance tractor for vineyards


1952 – Founding of a family business

Vincent BALLU founded the family company Tecnoma selling agricultural sprayers and high-clearance tractors.


1966 – Acquisition of VERMOREL

VERMOREL, historical leaderin ag spraying, joined the family company TECNOMA


1980 – Loss of the founder

Patrick BALLU took over his father Vincent BALLU. The family company TECNOMA made almost 12 millions euros of turnover.


1986 – New acquisitions in ag spraying

The family company acquired two new ag spraying companies :  CARUELLE near Orléans (Center of France) and NICOLAS in AGEN (South of France)


1987 – The family company becomes a multi-brands group

Acquisition of french leader in agricultural & garden spraying BERTHOUD and its subdisiaries SEGUIP, THOMAS and PERRAS. The family company changed his name to EXEL to become a multi-brands group specialized in ag spraying


1989 – New acquisitions in high-clearance tractors business

Acquisition of VITITRAC and LOISEAU, two competitors in the high-clearance tractors business.


1990 – New acquisitions in ag spraying business

Acquisition of PRECICULTURE, french leader in self-propelled sprayers and high-clearance tractors.


1993 – Simplification 

Simplification of legal structures of the  Group, which changed its name to EXEL Industries, and owning patents and brands


1996 – Diversification

After the agriculture and gardening, EXEL Industries group acquired an industrial spraying company, KREMLIN, specialized in painting solutions


1997 – Initial Public Offering

EXEL Industries introduced Paris Stock Exchange. The turnower was about 150 M€ of which 75% in France and 25% abroad.


2000 – A world leading company 

Acquisitionof the companies FISCHER and REXSON. EXEL Industries group entered the TOP 3 in industrial spraying.


2001 – New acquisitions

Acquisition of SAMES, leader of the electrostatic industrial sprayer market and MATROT Equipements, a french leader specialized in self-propelled sprayers and sugarbeet harvesters.


2003 – Merger and acquisition

KREMLIN and REXSON merged to become KREMLIN REXSON. Acquisition of HERRIAU (sugarbeet harvesters).


2006 – Acquisition in the high-clearance tractors business

Acquisition of CMC (Constructions Mécaniques Champenoises), specialized in high-clearance tractors for vineyards.


2007 – Consolidation of the world leadership

Acquisition of the danish group HARDI, a global manufacturer in agricultural spraying. Acquisition of MOREAU, french specialist of sugarbeet harvesters.


2011 – Guerric BALLU becomes the new CEO 

In April 2011, Patrick BALLU let his son Guerric BALLU take the executive management of EXEL Industries group. The turnover was about 384M€  of which 50% in France and 50% abroad.


2012 – Internationalisation

Acquisition of AGRIFAC, dutch company specialized in agricultural sprayers and sugarbeet harvesters. Acquisition of the english company HOZELOCK Group, one of the major manufacturers in Europe in gardening equipments with a wide range of products in watering, spraying, technical hoses (under TRICOFLEX brand) and aquatic.


2013 – World leading company in sugarbeet harvesters

Acquisition of german company HOLMER Group, historical leader in sugarbeet harvesters market. EXEL Industries becomes the world leader in this market. EXEL Industries is organised into 4 different activities : Agricultural spraying, Sugarbeet harvesters, Garden spraying and watering and Industrial spraying. All different brands within sugarbeet harvesters business have been merged to HOLMER.


2016 – Expansion in the USA

Acquisition of ET Works group, US based company specialised in self-propelled sprayers. Sale of the company HERRIAU.

Merger of KREMLIN REXSON and SAMES Technologies to become SAMES KREMLIN Group.


2016 – New Merger

Sale of RAM Environnement. Merger of MATROT Equipements and HARDI EVRARD to become HARDI France group.

EXEL Industries turnover is about 874M€ dof which 20% in France and 80% abroad.