Sugarbeet Harvesters

Motivated by passion, respect and innovation, HOLMER is helping to shape the future of agriculture.

HOLMER, the world leader in sugar beet harvesters, is committed to technological innovation to gain market share and win over increasingly demanding customers.

The business

HOLMER develops, manufactures and markets three product lines:

  • a full line of sugar beet harvesters for a wide variety of applications;
  • cleaner-loaders for cleaning and loading beets before transport to the sugar refi nery;
  • medium- and high-capacity carriers used for field logistics and organic fertilizing.

The sugar beet harvesters are used by a g r i c u l t u ra l production companies, farmer co-ops, largescale farmers and agricultural holding companies. In the main, sales are made directly or through dealers. 4.5 million hectares of sugar beet are planted every year, mainly in the northern hemisphere from the United States to Japan.

Cleaner-loaders are used by Or farmer co-ops who work for sugar operators. Sales are made directly to the contractors, on recommendation by the sugar operation.

The Terra Variant medium- and high-capacity carriers are used to transport sugar beets or grains from the harvester (picker or reaper) to the fi eld’s edge or directly into the truck. They also act as high-capacity spreaders of liquid or solid manure.



In EXEL Industries’ Beet Harvesting division, our strategy is based on our considerable innovation capacity and ability to identify high value-added markets. Innovation is central to HOLMER’s product policy. Three patents were fi led during the fi scal year that off er greater fl exibility in the use of machines and increase harvest effi ciency.

Sales development intensified, targeting new markets according to our product lines.

For tanker harvesters, two large markets remain to be converted: the USA and Turkey.

For the Terra Variant line of highcapacity carriers our efforts are focused on Europe, with priority given to France and Great Britain.

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