EXEL Industries: 70 years of seeking excellence

On October 5, 2022, to celebrate its 70th anniversary, the EXEL Industries Group is organizing a company event at the Épernay Museum of Champagne wine and regional archaeology together with a temporary exhibition of collector’s spraying machines on display in the museum courtyard and on Avenue de Champagne.

Tracing the Group’s future path

During the event, representatives of local authorities, institutional partners and different communities forming part of the EXEL Industries ecosystem (agricultural equipment, industry, leisure), together with the directors of the various EXEL Industries companies, will meet experts amid a rich program:

  • Tour of the temporary exhibition
  • Conference on the challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture chaired by author and geographer Sylvie Brunel
  • Round table on the theme of sustainable development in the Group’s business sectors

The goal? To discuss solutions to contemporary issues, particularly regarding the future of agriculture, sustainable development, and innovation.

Two-part exhibition open to the general public

Besides being an internal business event, EXEL Industries’ 70th anniversary will also be an opportunity to review the history of agricultural machinery through a selection of crop, tree and vine spraying machines dating from the 19th century to the present day. This temporary exhibition, which is open to the general public, will be held in the courtyard of the Épernay Museum of Champagne wine and regional archaeology and on Avenue de Champagne.

  • Museum courtyard exhibition: October 7-16, 2022
  • Avenue de Champagne exhibition: October 5-16, 2022

70 years of research, 70 years of excellence

In 1952, Vincent Ballu, father of Patrick Ballu, current Chairman of EXEL Industries’ Board of Directors, founded Tecnoma, later renamed EXEL Industries, in Épernay. As the inventor of the first high-clearance tractor, he helped develop the automation of wine growing in Champagne and subsequently all narrow vineyards. This spirit of innovation and breakthrough, geared towards the future, has shaped the entire history of EXEL Industries since its inception and has made the Group a spearhead of French industry.

As a French family business, the Group has gradually expanded, starting in Europe with the integration of SMIs, which it has developed and whose unique DNA it cultivates, as a guarantee cementing the loyalty of its employees and customers. Starting from its core business in agricultural spraying, EXEL Industries has diversified into industrial spraying, garden equipment and watering technology in keeping with a single, clear guiding principle: the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium goods in small and medium series. Pursuing this same momentum, the Group then decided to purchase three French companies operating in the nautical industry.

Technical progress has been the driving force behind EXEL Industries’ strategy since its inception. And today, our Group is more convinced than ever that innovation is the key to solving all major contemporary challenges, in particular with regard to maintaining national food sovereignty and achieving the carbon neutrality objective.

The right dose in the right place at the right time.

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About EXEL Industries

EXEL Industries is a French family-owned group that designs, manufactures and markets capital equipment and provides associated services that enable its customers to improve efficiency and productivity or enhance their well-being while achieving their CSR objectives.           
Driven by an innovation strategy for over 60 years, EXEL Industries has based its development on innovative ideas designed to offer customers unique, efficient, competitive and user-friendly products.
Since its inception, the Group has recorded significant growth in each of its markets through both organic growth and corporate acquisitions, underpinned by a stable shareholder base guided by a long-term development strategy. 
EXEL Industries employs approximately 3,546 people spread across 27 countries and five continents. The Group posted FY 2020-2021 sales of €877 million.

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